Sydney Statement on Global Health Security

World leaders need inspiration and solutions that will offer hope for the future. When it comes to global health security, what do you think they need to hear? What are the principles that should guide their work? How do we, as a global community, move together to achieve a healthier, safer world? This is your opportunity to help shape the future of global health!

The inaugural International Global Health Security Conference will bring together stakeholders working in global health security to measure progress, determine gaps, and identify new opportunities to enhance national, regional and global health security and to formulate a promise for the future: “The Sydney Statement on Global Health Security”.

The Sydney Statement will capture the boldest and most strategic thinking of governments, international organisations, civil society, scholars, and private industry to chart the future direction for managing and improving health outcomes. It will couple these ideas with commitments from partners to accelerate the necessary changes, and it will provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals to formulate their own promise to improve the outcomes of Global epidemics and health crises.

What are your suggestions for the Sydney Statement on Global Health Security?

We invite you to contribute your ideas, suggestions, direction and content to inform the development of the Sydney Statement on Global Health Security today!

Tell us what you think world leaders need to hear:

  • what are the guiding principles that should inform health security efforts?
  • what does ‘health security’ mean to you, your community, your nation?
  • who should be involved in making the world a safer, more healthier world?
  • how can we, as an international community, respond better to health emergencies?
  • how should we govern global health security?
  • how should global health security be financed so that all can benefit?

When looking back on GHS 2019, we want people to see the Sydney Statement as setting a new direction and progress for global health issues, a stronger commitment to tackling future epidemics and their global effects.

How will the Sydney Statement be prepared?

Every submission will be collated and synthesized to formulate the draft Sydney Statement, which will then be presented during the Conference for delegates to voluntarily sign up to. Through the collective efforts of the participants, the many organisations involved, elements of the Sydney Statement will be communicated into the most important policy, institutional and community forums.

What will be your Statement?

To support the Sydney Statement, input your ideas above to help support future Global Health crises and create your commitment for change.